Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry

Faisalabad, (Urdu: فيصل آباد‎) formerly known as Lyallpur, is the third largest metropolis in Pakistan, the second largest in the province of Punjab after Lahore, and a major industrial center in the heart of Pakistan.

Also known as the Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad remains an important industrial city West of Lahore. The city-district of Faisalabad is bound on the north by the districts of Hafizabad and Chiniot, on the East by Nankana Sahib, on the South by Sahiwal, and Toba Tek Singh and on the West by Jhang.

The city is at a road and railway junction, which has played an influential role in the development of Faisalabad's trade and economy. The surrounding countryside, irrigated by the LowerChenab River, has seen expanded production of cotton, wheat, sugarcane, vegetables, and fruits, which form 55% of Pakistan's exports. The city is an industrial centre with major railway repair yards, engineering works, and mills that process sugar, flour, and oil seed.

Production includes super phosphates, cotton and silk textiles, hosiery, dyes, industrial chemicals, beverages, apparels, pulp and paper, printing, agricultural equipment, and ghee (clarified butter). Faisalabad is the site of the prestigious University of Agriculture, founded in 1909. Which is one of the biggest agriculture universities of Asia and 2nd biggest in the world.