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Ch Muhammad Shafique Anjum

President Message

At the outset, with all the humbleness and with a sense of thankfulness to my Allah, I, along with my worthy Senior Vice President Mian Atif Mahmoud,  Vice President Mr. Adil Shahzad and Ms. Asifa Anwar convey our deepest sense of gratitude for reposing unflinching confidence on us in our election to manage the affairs of The Faisalabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry (FCSTI) for the year 2021-2022. I will try my level best to resolve all those issue which are facing SME sector. I assure my all members that we remain absolutely firm in our commitment to provide best services. I hope my fellow cabinet will help me to accomplish all challenges.

CH. Muhammad Shafique Anjum

Mr. Adil Shahzad

Vice President

Mr. Atif Mahmoud

Senior Vice President

Mrs. Asifa Anwar

Vice President


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This is our Faisalabad

Faisalabad District came into existence in 1904 as Lyallpur District The name Lyallpur was given with a view to pay tribute TO Sir James Lyall Lt. Governor of Punjab, for his services rendered in colonization. In 70’s the current name of Faisalabad was given after the name of The Late King “Faisal” of KSA.

The district lies from 30-35 to 31-47’ C North latitude and 72-01 to 73 – 40o C east longitudes. It is bounded in the North by Gujranwala and Shiekupura Districts, in the East by Sheikhpura and Sahiwal districts, in the south by Sahiwal and Toba Tek Singh districts and in the West by Jhang district.



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